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USC Iovine and Young Academy

With a visionary gift from entrepreneurs Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young, the University of Southern California established an academy to nurture unbridled creativity at the intersection of four essential areas: the arts and design; engineering and computer science; business and venture management; and communication.

Conceived as a collaborative environment that brings multidisciplinary students, instructors and professional mentors together, the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation has become a transformational presence on one of the nation’s most dynamic university campuses.

The focus of the program’s course of study is on creativity and critical thinking, as empowered by the languages and methodologies of the arts, technology and business. It draws on the talents and influence of faculty and leaders from multiple disciplines and industries to empower the next generation of disruptors and professional thought leaders who will apply their skills in a global arena. USC’s strategic location in Los Angeles, widely viewed as the creative and media capital of the world, provides an unrivaled opportunity for students to learn in a living laboratory in which media, technology and the arts are deeply intertwined. In addition, the university’s proximity to the city’s burgeoning “Silicon Beach” and its vibrant downtown Arts District, as well as Northern California’s Silicon Valley, provides access to the world’s premiere creative and technology companies and institutions from which students can learn and draw inspiration.

Students who complete the undergraduate course of study in the Academy will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation, and possess an unprecedented combination of knowledge and skill. Crafted via a unique and groundbreaking integration of its core disciplines, the degree facilitates each individual’s ability to engage differently and successfully with a dramatically changing, tech-driven global marketplace, and to address some of the world’s most intractable problems.

Academy majors and minors fine-tune their ideas and complete working models, systems or prototypes in the Academy’s new home, Iovine and Young Hall, which officially opened in 2019. The facility offers approximately 10,000 square feet of makerspace and cutting-edge technologies, workshops, and flexible studios to nurture collaboration to engender innovation and support the development of creative ideas, inventions and startups.

Students work both individually and in self-directed teams, and are guided by faculty and industry mentors who include artists, designers, technologists, founders, venture capitalists, public policy leaders, philanthropists, global entrepreneurs and more.

The Academy offers two graduate degree programs – the online Master of Science in Integrated Design, Business and Technology (MSIDBT) and the Master of Science in Product Innovation (MSPRIN). The online MSIDBT graduate degree program provides a first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary education at the intersection of the educational and professional disciplines central to our changing world. The program creates leaders with diverse and creative ways of thinking and doing – professionals trained to recognize and cultivate innovation, catalyze change and leverage new opportunities to not only support, but also help shape and build our rapidly evolving economy. In 2020, the Academy launched the Master of Science in Product Innovation – a revolutionary new degree for advanced students wishing to pursue product design for the 21st century. Reimagining the traditional concept of a product to encompass not just physical objects but also virtual, multi-dimensional and cross-platform devices, environments and experiences, this program provides students with an expertise in the development and launch of products that address the needs of a technology-enhanced global society. In addition to the traditional two-year course of study for applicants holding a qualified bachelor’s degree, MSPRIN offers a progressive option for select USC undergraduates who wish to begin work on the master’s degree while simultaneously completing their USC bachelor’s degree.




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